Donation to HOME


This year, we decided to again donate proceeds of the Santa Claus / Nikolaus Party ticket sale to the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME).

HOME provides assistance to migrant workers in Singapore who are abused and exploited. Wage theft, work injuries, physical, verbal and psychological abuse are some of their typical problems. We also assist and advocate for survivors of human trafficking and forced labour. HOME works with government agencies, civic groups, corporations, and other regional and local partners to meet the goals of our three pillars.

HOME Programmes

  • Shelter and social support for abused or trafficked migrant workers
  • Recreation and activities/workshops that promote psychological well being


  • HOME Academy: Skills training such as English language & computer lessons, baking, cooking and caregiver classes for domestic workers
  • Capacity building workshops such as sexual health education


  • Help Desks/Help Lines which provide employment advice and emotional support
  • Public education on issues affecting migrant workers
  • Research and documentation on the experiences of migrant workers
  • Legal Aid

Support a good cause simply by buying a ticket to the Musical Monkeys Santa Claus Party as we have adopted HOME as the receiving charity organisation this year.

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