Newborn / Babies

0-12 months / non-walkers

The class for our youngest ones are for newborn babies of as young as 4 weeks old up to max 12 months old and not walking yet. Introduce your newborn baby to music and support the development of your child’s senses. It’s a great way to meet other parents and build your own support network, too!

  • Singing and playing musical instruments for and with your baby
  • Baby exercise, bouncing, wiggles and tickles
  • Learning how to stimulate your baby through music
  • Learning lullabies to comfort your baby



Babies, Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

0-3 years & 2-5 years

Enjoy music with your child in this fun and lively musical playgroup and build new friendships with other parents and their children.

  • Singing, dancing and moving to the beat
  • Learning how to play a big variety of percussion instruments
  • Experimenting with different sounds and musical instruments from all over the world
  • Bubbles and parachute play



German Music

0-3 years & 0-5 years

For German families, mixed families with German background or for non-German families who would like to learn about German language, culture and tradition.

  • Traditional songs, nursery rhymes or well-known children’s songs by famous songwriters
  • Themes according to German seasons, traditions and holidays
  • Lots of musical instruments
  • Bubbles and parachute play

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Prenatal Music

For expecting moms

Connect and bond with your unborn child through music. Dads are welcome, too!

  • Communicating with and singing for your unborn child
  • Experiencing music and sound together with your unborn child
  • Meditation and relaxation with live music
  • Learning lullabies to comfort your baby



Special Events

Weekend Party

Musical Monkeys organizes special events for Christmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year and many more. A quarterly weekend party for working parents and their kids is another highlight. Click here to find out more.



Birthday Parties


Do you want to have some musical fun at your kid’s birthday party? For a truly adorable, fun filled and memorable party with Mimi and Music, contact Musical Monkeys for more details.