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theAsianparent 2017: “We shook off our sleepiness with a pair of high energy sessions presented by Musical Monkeys.”


theasianparent 2017


honeykids 2017: “Get your little monkey into music early at Musical Monkeys!”


honeykids 2017


Harper’s Bazaar 2017: “Develop a closer bond with your little ones…”


harpers bazaar 2017


honeykids 2016: “Get ready for some high-energy singing and dancing fun!”




Harper’s Bazaar 2016: “This innovative music education class for children has rave reviews from parents.”




honeykids 2016: “Musical Monkeys is a good one if you’d like to get started early, as they offer newborn classes at Mother & Child at Tanglin, including some classes in German.”




The Finder 2016: “Child/parent enrichment is popular here, so you can always find a Mommy and Me music class, like Musical Monkeys.”



Harper’s Bazaar 2015: “You are taught songs that will help stimulate them, as well as lullabies to calm them down.”




theAsianparent 2014: “They also expose kids to funky musical instruments like the Kompang (Malaysia), Rainmaker (Chile) and Bansuri (India).”




honeykids 2014: “…hang out with other parents for the first precious months.”




theAsianparent 2014: “The sessions are informal, fun and a great way to make new friends.”



Sassy Mama 2013: “With classes scattered around the island, this high-energy music education programme for minis up to 5 years of age, is a well-kept secret amongst mamas-in-the-know.”




Kidlander 2013: “You will meet other parents and share lovely moments with your child as they delight in the joy of music.”



Kidlander 2013: “Babies and toddlers will love this first introduction to music.”




honeykids 2012: “The bubbles are a huge hit”




honeykids 2010: “Or for something a bit closer to home, get your Mummas and Bubbas together for a musical session at any condo with Musical Monkeys.”