Babies / Toddlers


Babies / Toddlers0-3 years


Enjoy music with your child in this fun and lively music class and build new friendships with other parents and their children. Support the holistic development of your child’s senses and intelligence, gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional skills, language and creativity. It’s a mixed class for active babies, crawlers and walking toddlers.

  • Sing, dance and move to the beat
  • Clap, stomp, jump or roll
  • Play a wide selection of percussion instruments
  • Explore the musical instrument of the week
  • Have fun with finger plays, hand puppets, scarves and other props
  • Enjoy bubbles and parachute play

Children are accompanied by their parents. If you are a working parent you may send your child with a helper, nanny or grandparent. Classes are structured and have different themes, each theme running for 6 weeks. We distribute booklets with song lyrics and encourage adults to engage with their child and sing along with the teacher. The teacher performs live music and we use a broad variety of professional musical instruments (not toys).

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Classes @ Mother & Child Centre, Tanglin Mall:

These classes are strictly on a sign-up basis and one adult only. Please contact Mother & Child Centre at 68360063 or to book your space. Payment only at Mother & Child Centre (cash, NETS or credit card).

All other classes:

We offer full flexibility! You are welcome to join us at any of our weekly sessions, no pre-booking required, you can just show up and pay as you come. We also offer packages. Payment at the start of the session (cash, PayNow, PayLah) or in our online shop (credit card, PayPal).