What parents say about us



I’ve been attending her classes since my son was little and they are super fun! Songs, tons of different musical instruments, movement and more!



Thank you for a fun Thursday morning every week.



My family left Singapore at the end of March and so my two boys, H. and C., will no longer be able to benefit from your lovely music program in German or English.
Thank you for offering this program – it was a great way for my boys to become a little more acculturated into their German side and really developed their sense of music appreciation.  C. loves to move and dance to music, and H. really seems to have an ear for listening to and replicating what he hears.  He likes to give us “concerts.”
All the best for another fun season of Musical Monkeys.



Great session, we had fun dancing and singing.



It was such fun and typically we love to be there. You do such a great job!



Eva sings very well. Both baby & I enjoy the class!



My son started Musical Monkeys at 6 months and loved it! He adores music and I could tell at a young age that he enjoyed the songs, playing with different instruments and the bubbles! It was especially fun for me as a first time mother to interact with my child in a musical fun group setting and meet other mums and their beautiful babies! Eva is very creative in her approach allowing parents and babies to interact with music as a conduit. She brings puppets, interesting props and keeps changing the themes. She is extremely relaxed as a teacher and gives off a great energy and vibe! My son and I would sing the songs at home and years later still do! My son continued the baby class till he was 1 then we re-joined at 2.5 when we rediscovered Musical Monkeys in my condo! My son who is almost 4 now and a huge music lover, attends the class for older kids and loves experiencing the different and unique instruments (like the didgeridoo) Eva brings to class. The kids dance, sing and the energy of the class is amazing! He still loves the bubbles! 🙂



We have attended your class since my son was 4 months old. I really like your songs and K. likes to touch lots of instruments and dance with music.



I like Musical Monkeys because my daughter can explore a range of instruments (that I don’t have at home), and she loves hearing all the voices singing together!