Newborn / Babies


Newborn / Babies0-12 months / non-walkers


The class for our youngest ones are for newborn babies of as young as 4 weeks old up to max 12 months old and not walking yet. Introduce your newborn baby to music and support the development of your child’s senses. It’s a great way to meet other parents and build your own support network, too!

  • Sing and play musical instruments for and with your baby
  • Explore the musical instrument of the week
  • Baby exercise, bouncing, wiggles and tickles
  • Stimulate your baby with chiffon scarves, age-appropriate props, bubbles
  • Learn lullabies to comfort your baby

Babies are accompanied by their parents. If you are a working parent you may send your child with a helper, nanny or grandparent. We distribute booklets with song lyrics and encourage adults to engage with their child and sing along with the teacher. The teacher performs live music and we use a broad variety of professional musical instruments (not toys).

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