Our Team


Eva Arora: Founder, Teacher


Eva started her music education in Germany when she was two years old attending the early childhood music education classes conducted by her mother. Since then, music is her passion and she learned a wide variety of instruments. Besides her long years of education in the western concert flute and classical guitar, she also plays piccolo, recorder, electric guitar, didgeridoo, drums and other percussion instruments. Eva is a trained singer and has been singing all her life in different choirs, combos, and bands.

Her classes embrace the principles of Orff-Schulwerk and she is currently mentored by a family & children’s therapist, a musician and a voice teacher. Eva is a Certified Foreign Language Correspondent, has an MBA and has worked as a management consultant prior to dedicating herself to Musical Monkeys.

After living in different countries, she met her husband and Singapore has been her home since 2006. The birth of her daughter was a key turning point for Eva giving her the inspiration to pursue her passion for music and children with Musical Monkeys.

Picture gallery from our team:

picture gallery from our team