Toddlers / Pre-Schoolers

Toddlers / Pre-schoolers2-5 years


Let your child develop music intelligence, singing skills, sensitivity to the beat and beat groups, expressive movement, and musical memory while having loads of fun.

  • Sing, dance and move to the beat
  • Play a wide selection of percussion instruments
  • Explore the musical instrument of the week
  • Express yourself in musical stories
  • Have fun with body percussion, pom poms, scarves and other props
  • Enjoy bubbles and parachute play

Children are accompanied by their parents. If you are a working parent you may send your child with a helper, nanny or grandparent. Classes are structured and have different themes, each theme running for 6 weeks. We distribute booklets with song lyrics and encourage adults to engage with their child and sing along with the teacher. The teacher performs live music and we use a broad variety of professional musical instruments (not toys).

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